About US



Who is Kitchen Sink Stamps?


Well, we (me, myself & I ... and with the loving 

support of my husband and 2 boys) are a new 

stamp company. We are very proud & excited to 

offer a variety of original stamp designs in clear, 

high-quality polymer for you to unleash your creativity!


Kitchen Sink Stamps came to be out of endless 

hours scouring the web and local stamp & craft shops 

to find stamps that seemed to only exist in my mind.


So, in the beginning, I had designed and produced these stamps to fill my needs and wants (hope that doesn’t sound too selfish?). Then, when friends starting asking me to either make them a stamp that they couldn’t find or show them how to make their own stamps (I need to mention here that I was making my own photopolymer stamps in my kitchen sink at the time) ... that is when it hit me! I need to share my stamps with fellow stampers & crafters all over!


I am truly excited to have the opportunity to share these professionally made (not by me... in my kitchen sink) stamps, with all of you! Honestly, I am so excited to see what fellow stampers and scrapbookers will do with Kitchen Sink Stamps and their creativity! Plus, I have just fallen in love with being a stamp designer! (pssss! - there are more designs coming soon!).


I hope you will enjoy your Kitchen Sink Stamps as much as I do! 

                - Maria


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