Angel Policy



Kitchen Sink Stamps’ Angel Policy


You stamp it...and want to sell it?      

        We say... GO FOR IT! 


YES! You may use our stamps to hand stamp items made for sale and sell them wherever you want to sell your items! Items must be stamped by you (sorry, no hiring crews of people to help you out!) and please don’t go over 200 pieces (after 200, you would get bored anyway!).


Our images are copy written, so electronic and mechanical reproduction of our images is a NO-NO  and not allowed. Kitchen Sink Stamps images can be used digitally only when used incorporated into a finished piece of art by the artist for display use only.


Plus, it would be greatly appreciated (and really cool of you) if you give Kitchen Sink Stamps credit for using our stamps when making items for sale and, or when submitting your works to publications, swaps or contests. 


If you have any other questions about our Angel Policy, please contact us!  Thanks.


If you are interested in giving Kitchen Sink Stamps credit on your hand stamped Kitchen Sink projects and cards, just email us your name and mailing address, and we would be happy to send a © Kitchen Sink Stamps small logo stamp to you - FREE! ... and thank you!


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